Microsoft’s Android-phone with two screens

…Sept. 10 launches for $1,400

On Wednesday, Microsoft declared that on Sept. 10, the Surface Duo will release beginning at $1,399.99.

As a quick refresher, the Surface Duo is a two-screened Android phone of Microsoft that was first declared in October 2019. It permits you to run two applications one next to the other in various screens that are part by a 360-degree hinge. In the coming months, it’s one of the most exciting devices coming out, since it offers an absolutely new sort of structure factor for a phone.

With the hinge of 360-degree, you can prop it sit in front of the TV. Otherwise, get it again and watch YouTube on one side and open Slack or anything else on the other side. These are for the most part new use-cases that appear to be convincing, particularly in Microsoft’s demos, however, which Microsoft should demonstrate are worth $1,399.99.

Additionally, it’s Microsoft’s most recent attempt at the market of smartphones, where it hasn’t had a lot of success since the iPhone released. Prior Microsoft devices generally failed due to any approach a huge ecosystem of applications for Microsoft’s currently outdated mobile operating system. Microsoft appears to have gained from those past mistakes and is cleverly using Android on the Surface Duo. That implies it will approach all Android applications at release, and some will be super-powered to exploit the two screens.

At least on paper, the screens seem to have sharp goals and were exceptionally structured by Microsoft to run one next to the other and keep up similar color accuracy. Inside, it has Qualcomm’s very good quality Snapdragon 855 processor; however, most devices gadgets have proceeded onward to a newer version Snapdragon 865+. It doesn’t support next-generation 5G networks, but compatible with 4G LTE, however, you may want your device to support 5G.

At Microsoft’s site, the Surface Duo will be sold directly through Best Buy and by AT&T. however, a more costly $1,499.99 version will include storage 256GB rather than the 128GB in the beginning model.


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